Plastic Injection Moulding Quotes

This video is intended for people who don’t have much experience in getting injection moulding quotes. Before you embark on getting quotes for a new plastic injection moulding project, it will help you to specify exactly what you need. Seemingly small spec changes may have enormous influence on the price of the mouldings. Bearing the points in this short guide in mind can save you a lot of time and avoid unpleasant surprises down the line.

In the rest of this video, I explain why it is essential to tell your moulding company: 1. how big the part is; 2. how many you need; 3. the plastic material required; and 4. whether the design is finalised for the plastic injection moulding process. Some of these may seem very obvious, but they affect more cost factors than you may expect.

Toolcraft Plastics is a family company based in Swindon offering a complete product design to injection moulding service. We draw on more than 35 years experience to manufacture quality plastic mouldings.

Post time: 01-09-2017