Plastic Injection Moulder – mark 2

I am really pleased with this unit!

This video clip features a description of the unit and its positive aspects in excess of far more typical desktop injectors. It also shows a practical demonstration of the unit in use.

The injector head is all stainless steel, as is the plunger/piston. The help is gentle steel. The temperature controller is all digital.

The injector can be applied with HDPE (Superior Density Polyethelyne), LDPE (Very low Density Polyethelyne) PE (Polyethelyne), PP (Polypropelyne), ACETAL, EVA, TPE, PLA, and Ab muscles.

HDPE is what milk cartons are normally manufactured of so this unit can use recycled plastic.

This unit is not ideal for other plastics – possibly since they will need much too significant a soften temperature, or since they emit toxic gases.

The unit is 350 watts, 220 volt mains.

The capacity of the injector unit is 12,560 cubic millimetres, which is .766 cubic inches.

This unit work in conjuction with a drill push which is not involved!

Post time: 05-11-2016