plastic injection mould building for pipe

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Intertech Equipment Incorporation (Taiwan)
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Our Specialists:
1. Creating interchangeable cores mould : a most successful and expense-conserving production system. Suited for customers looking for “additional variety but a lot less amount” answer. With only just one mould, it can competently generate diverse varieties of goods,

2. Creating superior clear Pc, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. components mould with superior gloss sprucing and Mold-Tech texture on components surface, utilized generally in lights components, outside LED components assignments.

3. Creating gas assisted injection molds and goods assignments …generally utilized in assignments like the thick handles, displays, the frame of Tv set cabinet and many others, which prevents the shrinkage mark, improves the power of the components and saves material costs.

4 Medical silicone and rubber molds/goods building : We deal with each “solid” and “liquid” silicone rubber material conference the conventional of RoHS, Fda and Attain, and can be utilized like skincare components, health-related earplugs, nipple pacifier, test valve, diving mask.


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