Plastic injection molding: Process optimization by HFIM

An introduction into „Crack detection and process optimization by high-frequency impulse measurement” during plastic injection molding from QASS-President Ulrich Seuthe.

Includes English subtitles and German language. QASS is a medium-sized enterprise located in the city of Wetter (Ruhr) in Germany. QASS is the manufacturer of the measurement device Optimizer4D. This device specializes in crack detection, process optimization and tool monitoring. It monitors industrial production processes by analyzing the acoustic emission of the process itself, both in real-time and in-process. If tolerance thresholds are exceeded, the device emits a warning signal. Optimizer4D displays process parameters on a three-dimensional diagram on the axes time, frequency and amplitude. Therefore, acoustic emission signals are analyzed in between a frequency range of 1 Hz and 25MHz. The measurement device is sensitive to incidents shorter than 1mS. Examples: Joining, cold forming, bending and straightening, welding, laser welding, plastic injection moulding. HFIM by QASS replaces many subsequently methods for quality assurance like magnetic particle inspection. If it comes to crack detection during bending and straightening of gear shafts or the like, QASS is world-wide market-leader.

Post time: 02-27-2017