Plastic Injection Molding Machine

This is a Diy bench-top rated plastic injection moulding equipment which was conceived of, developed and manufactured by me.

The progressive style and design saves place, body weight and manufacture expenses, by utilizing a standard drill press in its procedure. You will need your possess drill press to run this device.

The device is 250 watts, 220 volt mains. The potential of the injector device is 12,560 cubic millimetres, which is .766 cubic inches.

The injector can be utilised with HDPE (Significant Density Polyethelyne), LDPE (Small Density Polyethelyne) PE (Polyethelyne), PP (Polypropelyne), ACETAL, EVA, TPE, PLA, and Ab muscles. HDPE is what milk cartons are frequently manufactured of so this device can use recycled plastic. This device is not ideal for other plastics – both due to the fact they need too higher a soften temperature, or due to the fact they emit harmful gases which are risky in Diy settings.

The injector head is manufactured from stainless metal components, as is the plunger/piston. The assist is painted gentle metal. The temperature controller is all digital. The manage box is plastic.

This movie points out the style and design and shows the device in action:

This is our 3rd equipment. In this article are its predecessors:



Plastic injection moulding is a interesting globe. The rules are easy, and so is earning easy parts, but you can acquire on your own on a long and gratifying mastering journey too, with mould coming up with, parts coming up with and with mastering how to run the device to get issues precisely ideal. There is certainly artwork as effectively as science in listed here.

Mould can be manufactured from metal (ours are aluminium) and these can be machined or carved or a combination of the two. Moulds can also be manufactured from plastic resin, and in this scenario, casting all over primary parts for earning copies is an enjoyable option too, and metal machining instruments are not necessary.

3D printers are an enjoyable present day phenomenon and if you’re useful with desktops, they are perfect for solitary-section prototyping, but a solitary section might acquire 8 hours to print, so they’re not practical for earning a number of parts, and the printers on their own are complicated and highly-priced. I am currently discovering alternatives for small corporations, based all over quick-operate plastic injection moulded parts. In my scenario, my pursuits are all over the horse globe (electric powered subject fence ties, for case in point) and I have imagined about quadcopter propellers. I have also manufactured plastic hose unions for my allotment irrigation procedure (see the next movie connection) and plastic threaded bolts, and stand-offs for electronic assignments construction. Knobs, pen tops, clips, can all be personalised and generated in amount conveniently.


As much as I am knowledgeable, there are no hobbyist injection moulding equipment available for sale commercially in the Uk. In the United states, LNS systems present two units at $595 (£400) and $1500 (£1000).
This device device is closer in type and in specification to their $600 model, but:
- mine has just about twice the injector potential (.76 cubic inches as towards .four – you can make much bigger parts with mine)
- their injector parts are nickel-plated, while mine are solid stainless metal.
- I am Uk-based – so delivery is fast. In fact, I you should not know if LNS ship outside the United states. They are listed here by the way:
- I also imagine mine is a superior style and design and less complicated to use.

I can take PayPal or money transfer to my account prior to delivery or selection, or income on selection by prior arrangement. Please question for financial institution particulars when you have determined to get.

I have permitted EBay features, but I imagine the inquiring rate is pretty great price, so I will never be accepting a fantastic offer fewer than the inquiring rate.

If you have any thoughts about the device, remember to you should not wait to question – I will be far more than happy to response them for you.

This item is at present on sale at EBay: isles/itm/-/201480444286

Post time: 03-09-2016