Plastic Granulators

In the plastics industry, Granulators are an integral part of the production process. Granulators take scrap material and re-grind the material into fine pieces that can be re-melted and processed again into finished product. In large companies, it is not unusual to see large hopper type Granulators at each molding machine. With the ever increasing cost of fossil fuels, reclaiming and recycling the scrap plays a major role in keeping production costs down.

There are many brands of Granulators for the plastics industry on the market.

  • Cumberland
  • Nelmor
  • Rapid
  • Granutec
  • Foremost
  • Polymer
  • Ball & Jewell
  • Battenfeld Gloucester

This list is just some of the many choices out there. When purchasing a machine, do a side by side spreadsheet comparison of features and benefits to find the right machine for you.

The heart of any Granulator is the cutting chamber and the granulator blades. It is imperative that you keep the components, blades and screens, in optimal condition. Keeping blades sharp will decrease wear and tear on your machine and give you the best recycled product to re-process.

Another key is to know what you are cutting up or recycling. Does the plastic have additives that will increase abrasion to the blades? A good way to judge this is when you change the blades out or check the blades; you will find a blade tip that is rounded over. It almost looks like it was ground or sanded.

If your blades are wearing too quickly and are rounded over, consider an aftermarket treatment. There are carbide coatings available that will greatly increase the life of your blade. As I discussed in an earlier article, cryogenic treatment may be a good fit also. This will increase the impact resistance of the tool steel. The difference in a good operating blade and a bad blade that is chipped or dull or damaged is like operating a vehicle that is severely out of alignment. The vibration and wear and tear will substantially decrease the life of the machine.

The care and maintenance of any machine will give you many more years of service. Establish a relationship with a company that can help you maintain the heart of the machine. Find a company that can maintain your blades to their original factory specification. This is tantamount to having a well tuned engine. In the long run you will save money on blades and increase the life of your investment.

Post time: 03-27-2017