Plastic Extrusions – Sizes and Types

Some great benefits of utilizing plastic extrusions to fulfill manufacturing needs is the wide range of shapes and application that can be serviced. Some of the most common shapes manufactured are generally tubes squares, single cavity hollows, l channel, u channels, and slat-walls. Sometimes though, a custom plastic extrusion is needed. Custom plastic extrusions can be created for almost any application, from single, multi cavity hollow, interlocking, complex co-extrusions and beyond.

Different extrusions include:

Single Extrusions: The essence of the plastic extrusion technology process, these can be used to make multiple products across many different industries. Simple plastic tubes are one of the most common types of extruded products created via single extrusions.

Co-extrusions: The extrusion of two or more layers simultaneously. This type of extrusion requires the use of multiple extruders at the same time. Some common usages of coextruded products are: Window gasket, Door gaskets, Automobile gaskets, Weather stripping, Living hinges, and Multi-colored extrusions.

Interlocking Extrusions: The process of creating extrusions that service a customers needs outside of the normal circumstances. For example: Taking profiles that serve one need of a customer and breaking it into interlocking pieces to service several applications for that customer, or creating oversized extrusions out of interlocking pieces to make otherwise unextrudable shapes and sizes.

Tubing Extrusions: Often used to create fluid transfer systems. A pin is placed inside of the die during the manufacturing process, which creates the space in the tube shape thorough which liquid, air, or gas may later be transmitted.

Post time: 01-11-2017