Plastic Cup Making Machine TQC-650B

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Full-automatic Plastic Cup Thermoforming Machine TQC-650B is completely automatically with material feeding, heating, stretching, in-mold cutting, rewinding into one process.

1. It is used for forming plastic sheet of PP, PS, HIPS, PVC, PET to produce various of disposable plastic products.
2. The disposable plastic products with round, square, rectangular or other shapes: plastic cups (jelly cups, coffee cups, yogurt cup, ice cream cups, cold cups, hot cups, drinking cups, beer cups), containers, dishes, bowls, trays, boxes, covers, lids, plates etc. (Please see below products samples)
* Touch Screen: Siemens, Germany.
* PLC: Siemens, Germany.
* 4 pillars (column s) to fix machine (4 post columns of pillars can be performed for better quality of finished products with different shapes (round, rectangular, oval, square shape with big sizes), highly increase the rate of finished products, and more steadily operation.)
* Feeding sheet: Controlled by Servo motor + servo drivers (YASKAWA brand, Japan)
*Servo feeding assist reduces minimizing plastic scrap, ensures feeding sheet with same accuracy.

* Plug (upper mold): Controlled by Servo motor + servo drivers (YASKAWA brand, Japan) *Servo plug assist reduces minimizing energy use on press and saving time of adjustment.
* Machine mechanism: Machine Mechanism: highly stressed parts are of very robust design, it adopts 45# steel through forged &hardened and tempered technology.
* Hydraulic pressure system of low noise and faster running.
* IR Ceramics Heaters:
Top + Bottom type
Each size IR Ceramics Heater: 60mm x 240mm
Each power IR Ceramics Heater: 650w
* Auto load for sheet roll
* Retractable, independently operated oven.
* Top + bottom larger oven size suits to form PP material with 35times/min (max.speed), no need extra preheating unit.
* Temperature control module ensures precise temperature accuracy and easy operation.
* Accessing to all digitalized functions by pressing touch screen.
* Automatic central lubrication.
* Little maintenance effort required and long intervals between maintenance.
* Most of components are from multi-national suppliers assures a reliability and worldwide compatibility.
* Machine frame made by square steel with strong quality, reliable running.
* Production capacity: For example: top dia of cup : 70mm, mold with 21cavities, the capacity is about 37800pcs/hr — 44100pcs/hr.
Technical Parameter:
Forming Area: 650mm x 320 mm
Forming Depth(Max): 130mm
Sheet thickness: 0.2mm-2.0mm
Sheet width(max): 650mm
Max. Sheet Roll of Diameter: 800mm
Forming Speed(max): ≤35 times/min
Adjustable Travel: 100mm-350mm
Oil Pump Motor: 11kw, 6grades
Plug Motor Power: 4.4kw
Feeding Motor Power: 3.0kw
Rewinding Motor Power: 0.37kw
Heating Power: 60kw
Rated Power: 80kw
Actual Power: 55kw
Compressed Air: About 0.6-0.8pa/1.6M3
Heating Type: Top + bottom
IR Ceramic Heaters
Temperature Control Module: PID, K-type
Type of Mould Multi cavity: 1-4rows
Cutting Type: In-mold cutting automatically
Water Supply: About 0.5M3/H
Overall Dimension (mm): about L6000×W2000×H2700
Weight: About 4.5T
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Post time: 02-10-2017