PE/PP/PVC/EVA/EVOH Containers Blow Molding Machine Producer PE PP PVC EVA EVOH Containers Blow Molding Machine Producer Features PET blow moulding types as extrusion blow moulding machine, injection blow molding machine, extend blow moulding machines, one phase extend blow molding

Apps of Blow Molding Devices

1. Food items Packaging: Juice Bottles, Milk Bottles, Soy Sauce Bottles, Ketchup Bottles, Chewing Gum Bottles
2. Pharmaceutical Packaging: Higher-Vein Burette, Ampule, Eye Drops Bottle, Capsule Bottle, Herbicide Bottle
3. Chemical compounds Packaging: Machine Oil Tank, Lubrication Oil Bottle, Pesticide Bottle, Herbicide Bottle
four. Cosmetic Packaging for Shampoo, Tub Gel, Entire body Lotion, Facial Cleanser, Hair Dye, And so forth.
five. Engineering Areas: Blow Chairs, Nursery Bookcases, Toolbox, Chemical Barrels, Air Hose Pipe, Tubing, Xmas Ornaments, And so forth.
6. Toy: Tub Toys, Drinking water Guns, Toy Cars and trucks, Ocean Ball, Blow Blocks, Blow Dumbbells, Small children Golfing Toys, Kid’s Baseball, Kid’s Slides, Seesaw, And so forth.
seven. Other folks: Cushioned Insole, Warning Signal Box, Powder Keg, And so forth.

Post time: 05-02-2016