Paulson Webinar with DynaPurge: Injection Molding Scrap Rates

As most processors know, scrap rates have a huge effect on the ultimate profitability of an injection molding job (or and other plastics process for that matter). Seemingly tiny changes in several metrics that were quoted on a specific job can erase profit faster than most molding managers know.

A small increase in scrap rates on a molding job can turn that job from money maker to money loser real quick. Fortunately, your injection molded scrap rates are largely under your control. So it naturally follows that scrap (or reject) rates can be reduced by a skilled educated workforce. At Paulson, we’ve seen this happen over and over again. Some of the scrap rate reductions are quick, short-term fixes. Others are long-term fixes that involve changing the way your injection molders approach every new job.

Both short-term and long-term fixes should be available in your “toolbox” when the need arises.

At Paulson, we focus mainly on giving your workforce the knowledge and skills needed to solve injection molding problems. But we’ve been in the plastics training business long enough to know that there are times when short-term fixes are actually the most cost effective. In this Webinar, we cover both short-term and long-term fixes.

At the end of the Webinar you should have a basic framework for how to approach your scrap rates and how to set up systems, including employee training systems, that assure that your plant will have minimal scrap rates. And you’ll also have the tools you need (training systems) to effect long-term change on your production floor.

Post time: 05-07-2017