Paulson Training Injection Molding Economics HD

This is the High Definition version of the Injection Molding Economics video uploaded earlier this year. To have Paulson’s Molding Economics DVD shipped to you, just visit

“How the Best Injection Molders Make Money”

This video explains how injection molding companies make money and also how they lose money. There are many steps in running a successful molding job, however, just a few of those steps can make the difference between reaching the profit you expected for that injection molding machine (your quoted profit) and the profit you actually make.

The video clearly explains what just 1 extra second on a molding machine cycle time can mean to the bottom line.

By becoming aware of how important even these small inefficiencies are, the injection molding manager can optimize the entire mold process, from start-up to shut-down, to assure maximum profit.

Post time: 12-12-2016