Packaging Tips For Using Storage Facilities

When using storage facilities, tenants need to pay close attention to how they package and store their belongings. Improper packaging or storage can damage your belongings, some of which are irreplaceable.

If you have decided about using a well-secured storage facility, the first thing you need to do is package all your belongings so that they can be transported safely. Tenants should never place their belongings in a storing unit without packaging them. This holds true even if you are using a climate-controlled facility. Doing so can not only damage your goods, but also clutter up the space and make it hard for you to find an item when you need the same.

Right Packaging Materials

For proper packaging, you need proper packaging materials. And you can find all the packaging materials that you need from storage facilities. Be it peanut foams, bubble wraps, shredded paper, boxes, tapes, markers, or labels, you can find everything under one roof. Moreover, the staff available at the storing warehouse will help you shop for the right material.

When packaging your belongings before transporting them to moving storage, you need to remember that everything needs to be wrapped and placed in boxes. The boxes need to be properly closed with tapes and marked properly. This will help you know where to place which box.

Packaging Tips

All delicate items, such as chinaware, glassware, lamps, crystals, decorative items, and vases, should first be wrapped using paper or bubble wrap and then placed in boxes. The empty spaces inside the boxes should be filled up with shredded paper or foam peanuts. When placing Chinaware inside the boxes, it is best to place a paper padding or shredded paper between two pieces of Chinaware. This offers extra protection.

Lamp shades should also be first wrapped using paper and then placed inside boxes. The boxes should be marked. This way you will avoid placing anything heavy on these boxes.

Books should be placed flat in boxes so that they do not damage their spines. Do not place too many books in one box, because this might cause the box to tear open during transportation.

If you are using storage facilities for storing refrigerator, ovens, or microwave, make sure you clean them up thoroughly. Leaving food particles inside them can cause mold and mildew to build up. Mold and mildew can damage your refrigerator or microwave and can also spread to your furniture that you have stored in the facility.

Garden equipment that needs to be moved to storage facilities should first be cleaned of soil, grasses, oil, and liquid. Leaving liquid or soil inside containers or garden equipment will lead to rust buildup. Rust can corrode equipment made of iron and render them useless.

Furniture should always be dismantled before storage. Today, most of the furniture is made in a way that they can be disassembled and then put back easily. Individual parts should be wrapped using cloth or paper. Some furniture might require special packaging so check it with the staff of moving storage services. For example, mirrors require special packaging, and the packaging material for doing so is available with storage facilities.

Once you are done with packaging, you can drive down to the storing facility and place your belongings in the unit. Remember to place heavy items at the bottom. Since the boxes will be marked, you will know which box will go where.

With these packaging tips, you can be rest assured that your belongings will be safe in storage facilities.

Post time: 05-03-2017