Mustang Ford Tooling Lower Windshield Trim Installation 1987-1993

This pair of black plastic lower windshield trim moldings are made from Original Ford Tooling for a perfect fit and finish. If you’re noticing some wear and tear on your lower windshield trim molding, these are a great replacement and installation only takes minutes.

To remove the lower windshield trim molding, you’ll first the cowl and the outer pillar trim. Then, remove the thin weather stripping on the outer edge of the windshield in order to loosen the outer pillar trim. Use a panel removal tool to loosen the trim and then remove the original lower windshield molding. Make sure to also remove the original plastic clips and clean the area. Then, line up the Ford Tooling lower windshield trim molding and secure it in place.

Bill decides to remove the outer pillar trim all the way and a few coats of black trim aerosol paint in order to further refresh the look of our 1990 convertible. After he re-installs this piece, he re-attaches the weatherstripping to the pillar and secures the cowl back onto the hood. Total installation of just the trim molding takes half an hour, and takes about an hour if you wish to paint the trim.

Mustang Paint Black Trim Aerosol:

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Post time: 03-04-2017