Molds For Candle Making

Types of Candle Mold.

There are many types of molds available to use for candle making. As with most candle making tools and accessories, the mold can be purchased from a good craft store near you. Due to the fact that candle making is a popular hobby in craft stores you will never be short of the candle mold you need.

Mold Keeps Wax in Shape.

The candle molds main purpose is to contain the wax whilst in its liquid form and to hold the wax until has hardened. This will help the wax form the shape of the mold to give the desired effect you were looking for. There are a variety of different sizes, shapes and styles of mold. Aluminum molds are very popular, are durable and heat resistant to give a great finished look without any seams in the candle, also giving a smooth finish too. These types of molds make a very professional looking candle. Aluminum molds are also easier to clean than other molds and you can put them on a baking sheet and straight into the oven. With the oven at 150 degrees you can place the molds upside down so the remaining wax will run out and on to the baking sheet. The downside of the aluminum molds is that they are not flexible and usually need a releasing agent to release from the mold.

Other Types.

The other types of molds that are flexible are silicone, polyurethane and latex molds. A One of these is the silicone mold, it is type of rubber mold. They are fairly expensive molds, this is because they are of good quality. These molds don’t leave any lines on the finished product, they are very flexible and stretch which makes releasing the candles from them is a lot easier. In the recent past latex molds were used very often, but now because of advancements in candle making techniques they are becoming the lesser used option. Polyurethane molds are popular and are also flexible but they do not stretch too well. As standard they are cheaper than silicone molds. They have a downside which is that they have a strong odor. This odor could pass to the candle and because of the lesser flexible nature of these molds, they will need a releasing agent to release the candle. If you prefer to make your own molds at home by using liquid latex and painting it onto a structure at home, this can also be done. This obviously gives you bigger choice in all areas of shape and size. To make your latex molds you need to apply many coats of latex.

Cheaper Candles

The cheapest candle molds are of the plastic variety but they are not always the best in quality. The lifespan of the candle mold is drastically reduced in comparison with other molds since they can be more brittle after extended use. The upside of plastic molds is that they are easy to clean. Use some warm water and a little soap to clean and make sure the mold is completely dry before reusing. Using before it dries completely can cause bubbles to form in the candle. A good mold for someone starting out in the hobby but to be taken seriously as a candle maker you would have to put your money in to a different types but as always with candle making it is usually what works best with you and what you feel is making your candle making easier.

Happy Candle Making.

Post time: 04-09-2017