MOLDKAR. Mould inserts for extrusion blow moulding procedures.

We at Moldkar are specialised in additive producing and have developed a technologies referred to as Speedy Cast Tooling (FCT) to deliver mould inserts for extrusion blow moulding procedures with optimized cooling. Introducing our inserts in your moulds will give you a aggressive advantage obtaining between 10 to thirty% cycle time reduction in the production approach. FCT inserts can be launched in manufacturer new or current moulds and, in the current ones, they can be effortlessly exchanged without having any improve in your production approach.Mechanical and thermal qualities are identical to the ones acquired with traditional supplies and procedures. Significant successful cooling provides you the possibility to have a greater command of your production approach, make improvements to the high-quality of your parts and lessen rejections.

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Post time: 08-26-2016