Mold manufacturing in Vietnam—Contact 0949995428 , email:

As a member of the Smart Vietnam Group, is
operating in the eld of mechanical engineering,
we are proud to be prestige and professional
provider with many products such as: molds,
xtures and metal processed products for
domestic and foreign partners with high quality.
Our mission is giving to customers the products
with high precision, optimal technical and
perfect service quality.”
We are constantly developing human resources,
technology investment, the process and regulation
activities standardization to bring for Partner
the Comprehensive products in Quality – Progress
- Service.
SMARTPM Is specialized in manufacturing precision plastic mold..
We are proud to be one of strategic partners of many Japanese companies in Viet Nam and others in Southeast Asia.
We are keep moving forward to be a leading manufacturer in precision plastic mold industry in Asia.
Our mission: “To be the best in our eld”
• High-speed CNC machining centre
• Wire-cutter EDM
• Surface grinder
• Laser welding
• CNC lathe
• Injection Molding Machine

Post time: 03-27-2017