Mold Making Tutorial: How To Make a Mold For a Replica of an Antique Rifle

This mold making tutorial video shows how to make a two piece silicone block mold of a gun – an antique Kentucky long rifle – using Mold Max 40. The finished mold can be used for casting resin, wax, foam, and many other materials. In this video, we are casting TASK 8 urethane resin.

0:38 – Preparing the model surface
1:11 – Constructing a clay base and mold box
4:04 – Pouring the first half of the mold
5:33 – Pouring the second half of the mold
7:14 – Preparing the mold for casting
9:56 – Casting into the mold
11:50 – Demolding the replica rifle

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Post time: 01-13-2017