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Pyramids, a 20+ yrs of deal producing pro, specialized in substantial precision sections and steady capable producing with strong circumstance review, DFM, mold move, scientific molding, path run verification, FAI, CPK, WI report underneath TQM program. Comprehensive inspection from incoming materials, in procedure high quality to OQC guarantees the durable creating and substantial high quality of PYRAMIDS.
We have substantial expertise and vertical integration capabilities in mold style, prototyping, and all kinds of custom made steel and plastic sections. Our specialty incorporate gas aid molding, insert molding, micro molding, vacuum molding, PU molding, about-molding, plastic injection, MIM, die casting, sand casting, expense casting, gravity casting, extrusion, stamping, CNC machining, wire forming, bending, powder coating, painting, anodizing, plating, assembly services with extreme QC program.
However, a single stop resolution of properly-diversified capable products and solutions, producing streamlined procedure, pace-to-market resolution, reputable soon after-sale services and aggressive charge reduction for versatile output is why marketplaces believe in us.
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