Mold – A Menace of Modern Households

Homeowners should not take any occurrence of household mold lightly. A member of the fungi kingdom, mold grows in patches and may seem like a low-risk substance. If not eliminated in a timely manner, using mold removal products, it can lead to serious health risks for members of a household.

An Enemy of your Home

People encounter mold as they go about their daily lives. The fungus can be found growing on decaying wood, paper and fabrics stored in damp conditions, leftover food, and the black growth on wet windowsills. Mold contains spores that replicate at lightning speed and release in the surrounding air.

Outdoor mold growth is generally viewed as a part of its natural surroundings. The same substance transforms into a chemical, toxic avatar if it finds an opportunity to grow indoors. This fungus can grow rapidly and alarmingly if it has warm, wet conditions to accelerate its growth. You can easily identify this household enemy if you find discolouration on materials, such as sofas and carpets, and/or if you can smell odour emanating from a particular room.

Household Mold poses Health Risks

Invisible spores, known as, are released in the air as mold and mildew mature from buds to spores. A serious health risk is posed by these spores to the residents of a house. People who suffer from respiratory problems need to be extra cautious.

Another important thing to note is that there are certain types of household mold that pose life threatening health risks to people. The well-being of infants in the household, pregnant women, or senior citizens can be adversely affected with this fungus menace.

Look out Symptoms

When people display any of the symptoms listed below, it is an indication of the presence of allergens released by mold:

• Rash or skin irritation

• Cough

• Sneezing

• Runny nose

• Redness of the eyes

• Wheezing

Fever and difficulty in breathing are other important symptoms that should not be ignored. If a family member displays these allergic symptoms, contact your physician immediately.

Deterring Mold

Preventing it is a sure fire way of ridding your house of the mold menace. We have prepared the following checklist for homeowners that should help them in their fight against mold and mildew:

• Leaks should be monitored on plumbing pipes and other structures because it could lead to growth opportunities for mold. If a leak is found, fix it immediately.

• Dry and clean a indoor area within a day if it has been damaged by water and moisture.

• When humidity and moisture levels are high switch on air conditioners and use dehumidifiers. This will help reduce buildup of moisture.

• Home appliances that encourage moist, humid conditions should be place in well-ventilated areas to prevent growth of mold and mildew.

• Closed rooms exposed to high levels of moisture should not contain carpets.

• Damp conditions can be affectively controlled by use of mechanical fans.

• Household paint should be mixed with additives that can inhibit mold growth.

• Shower areas should ideally have windows and access to open air. Exhaust fans too can be used.

Battle against Mold and Win the War

Mold growth should be immediately addressed and the necessary steps taken to remove it. The fungus can be a bane in your home becoming a healthy and happy home.

Post time: 12-28-2016