MOLD 101 – The Good News and The Bad

Mold is all around us, just try leaving a piece of bread out and before long-mode appears. We also at times see mold in our houses such as on the grout between bathroom tiles. Its appearance can even look like dirt.

Wow- check this out: Mold reproduces faster than rabbits–Using the same example of leaving a slice of bread out for a time, and the mold begins to appear. What happens is that tiny black dots of mold make up what our naked eye sees and these are called spore bodies or sporangia. One dot, I repeat, one dot contains as high as 50,000 spores, and each of those spores can produce hundreds of millions of ugly new spores in just days. Faster than rabbits.

Molds can be dangerous to our health. For example a pipe under the sink breaks and water begins saturating the kitchen, and into the living room. If this saturation of water is left accumulating for a considerable time this would only encourage mold growth. Think about it you now have water trapped under the flooring in a home, such as carpet, vinyl and even drywall all absorbing this moisture, creating the growth of mold. This can create a very unhealthy climate in your own home. This means calling a professional water damage company to correct the immediate problem and make any necessary repairs to whatever caused this water leak.

Noteworthy : molds can produce toxic substances by the name of mycotoxins which can affect humans and pets. Just by inhaling and ingesting or just plain contact with the skin, can affect a person or pet.

As one noted authority on the subject stated: Mold can cause respiratory problems, for example, shortness of breath coughing and irritation of sinuses. It can cause eye, and nose irritations and skin rashes.

The good news is that our everyday exposure to mod is more of an annoyance than a serious health risk or threat. However those with certain health disorders such as asthma, allergies, etc can experience some adverse effects from everyday mold.

And of course mold has its proper place in the scheme of things. In certain foods, mold has it place, such as cheese. In cheese and even beer, good mold is used to create the taste of such products.

For our health and well being, how can I minimize mold problems? Keep the inside of your house dry and keep the humidity low. If moisture does began to build up somewhere in the home, immediately dry the area and repair whatever caused it. Outside the home, keep roof and the gutters in good repair and do not allow water to accumulated next to the structure of your house, ensure proper drainage away from all outside walls. So simple precautions can go a long way in preventing mold buildup.

Post time: 12-13-2016