Mico QMCS KV type Mold clamping for Injection Molding Machine from Mico, Korea

What is KV Type Clamp ?
Ans : It is method such as LYType Clamp and inserting on Cylinder inside cartridge valve secure keeping Clamp internal pressure during long time even if oil pressure source of supply is damaged .


◈ built-in Check Valve in cylinder early supplied oil pressure function that Clamp itself
keeps pressure
◈ It is Clamping itself pressure existence more than 70 hours at oil pressure hose damage
◈ Clamp miniaturization, unification embodiment .

Features (Clamp with a Built-in Valve) :-

• A check valve built in the cylinder increases the safety.
• A mold is tightly clamped even if the piping and hydraulic hose are
• The pressure is safely maintained up to 360 hours even if the
hydraulic line is damaged.
• As the cylinder part is separate from the lever part, an equal force is
applied to Tgroove.
The grooves are evenly worn down, with an allowable tolerance in
• Usable for the mold that has no U-groove
• The pressure is primarily increased from the operating pressure in
proportion to the cylinder area, and secondarily by the lever.

Post time: 06-02-2017