Making Plastic Rod Inventory – Melting HDPE Milk Jugs

In this movie I melt HDPE milk jugs to get a block of plastic from which I have to have to make a pulley for an electric motor. Since I experienced no decent plywood and HDPE is very easily out there and fantastic pulley substance.



Will not do nearly anything you see me do. Continue to be Safe!

Here is some issues I do to make this safer, but do your have research. I ain’t no chemist or doctor.
- I only use HDPE, other plastics could give nastier fumes.
- I never test to guess if one thing is HDPE or not, I only use the issues obviously marked.
- I only use translucent HDPE, very clear or coloured a single could have horrible aditives.
- There are two styles of HDPE, the a single blown like the jugs and the a single molded, like caps and buckets and this sort of.
- I only use HDPE from milk jugs, the a single designed in molds could have aditives to make it circulation better.
- I Hold it the ideal temperature and operate in a nicely ventilated home.
- I only do this not often, frequent exposure to fumes has hazards.

You… really should not do this!

Post time: 08-17-2016