Making plastic crafts mildew by liquid silicone rubber

This is an video we show you the method of creating plastic crafts mildew stage by stage, which is acquire plastic vase as an example. You should love observing!

Advantages of plastic crafts mildew silicone:
Shenzhen Hong Ye Jie Company suggest the plastic crafts silicone of HY-628 with the hardness of twenty five-30A°(unique hardness and colors are accessible if requested), and HY-628 plastic crafts silicone has following attributes:
(one) Higher tensile & tear strength
(two) Higher duplication occasions
(three) Minimal linear shrinkage
(4) Resistance to superior-temperature
(five) Minimal shrinkage and non-deformation
(six) Resistance to acid-alkali and expansion

Shelf life for plastic crafts mildew silicone:
10~12months, when saved in a dry & interesting place less than the place temperature twenty five.

Packing for liquid silicone rubber:
1kg/ bottle, five kg/drum vacuumed packing, 25kg/drum vacuumed packing, two hundred kg/drum.

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Post time: 06-28-2016