Making Chocolate Candies? Pick the Right Molds to Entertain the Wedding Guests!

There are various kinds of candies. But homemade chocolate candies are among the best ones out there. They’re simply great for wedding ceremonies. You can buy ingredients for wedding candies at specialty stores. Mix these ingredients and enjoy the fun of making candies. You can make any shapes you want with chocolate. Enjoy the fun of making designer chocolates to cater to your wedding guests. But you need the right chocolate candy molds for this.

For wedding occasions, there are various types of molds that come in diverse shapes and designs. You could buy silicone or plastic molds. There are metal molds as well. Silicone made molds or their plastic counterparts happen to be among the simplest ones you can find. Still, other ones can meet your standards too. Normally, as your chocolates become hard, they’ll separate easily off the candy molds. And it’s so simple to pop out the candies off their molds. It’s also a great idea to add some pressure to make the chocolate candies pop out. Be it silicone or plastic molds, you can bend them a little bit, which helps the popping out.

Flat ones happen to be the most common ones among chocolate candy molds. They’re quite simple for everyone to use. Again, they’re suited if you make a lot of chocolates together. Flat molds create chocolate candies flat on a side and a bit decorated on the other side. They can be filled with different types of fillers as peanut butter, berry paste or caramel. Another type of chocolate is 3-D chocolate mold. They’re great for much larger candies. Oftentimes, they feature a wide range of details on both sides.

However, you have to maintain the chocolate molds well. These molds usually are a one-time buy. Washing chocolate molds too often isn’t the best way. At least, you don’t need to wash the candy molds after each use. Instead, wash the molds if you are completely done with the candy making. Use liquid soaps for washing those. Remember that no matter how durable your candy molds look, they deserve mild cleansing and soft handling. That’s the way they are made!

Regardless of how you are planning to maintain the molds, DO NOT soak those. Some people put their chocolate molds into dishwashers. But this can virtually damage the chocolate candy molds. Another mistake people make is, they break sweats by scrubbing their chocolate molds. But it is quite enough to rinse the molds in lukewarm water. Use fingers for rubbing off the liquid soaps. Be sure it’s within the crevasses. Only rinse off and get it dried later on by using a tiny spongy cloth. A paper towel would also do.

Choose a cool and dry place for storing the molds. Avoid storing your chocolate candies in hot areas. This tip applies more in the summer. Some molds lose their special finish when they’re exposed to heavy heat. Be sure to store your candy molds securely to ensure their longest possible lifetime.

Post time: 11-24-2016