Make Spherical Ice Using the Japanese Ice Mold | Williams-Sonoma

Serving drinks to your guests can be fun with this unique ice mold. Add an element of creativity to your drinks with this wonderful ice mold. In this video, Kara, Product Expert for Williams-Sonoma shows us how to use the Japanese Ice Maker.

This Japanese Ice Maker comes with two ice cube trays that make cubes of the perfect size and shape for the mold. Kara soaks the two pieces of the mold in warm water before using it. She then places one half of the mold on a plate to catch any runs. She then places an ice cube in the center and covers the ice cube by placing the other half on top. Within no time, the Japanese Ice Maker produces a perfectly spherical ice cube. She continues the procedure by following the same steps for the rest of the cubes.

You can use this ice mold to shape ice cubes for both alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic drinks. A good thing about these cubes is that since these sphere cubes have less surface area than a traditional cube, they won’t dilute your drink quickly. Enjoy experimenting with these spherical ice cubes in exotic drinks!

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Post time: 05-17-2017