Lifecasting Tutorial: Hand Mildew With PlatSil Gel-10

In this tutorial we generate a one piece, reusable hand mould utilizing PlatSil Gel-10. Performing out of a 2lb package, this mould would price ~$20 with a overall price of elements at about $fifty two. Price tag would be reduce if you are working out of a larger sized package this sort of as the 8lb package we are utilizing in this video clip.
Get the package Below:

For this mould, we employed about four hundred grams of Gel-10 silicone thickened with TinThix thickener. The help shell took about one roll of 4″ broad plaster bandage materials. This is a great way to generate a reusable hand mould for hand props, sculpture, or cores for prosthetic molds. At the summary of this video clip we cast pigmented PT Flex 85 into the Gel-10 mould to deliver a difficult rubber copy of Ryah’s hand.

Post time: 10-24-2016