Leather Tooling Tutorial

Leather tooling tutorial. The background work is the last step when I am tooling a piece of leather. The leather tool I use the most is made by Craftool and the number is 888 and can be purchased at Tandy Leather Factory. The piece I am tooling and carving in this YouTube video clip is for a custom made roping saddle and is a fairly large piece of leather to keep at the right moistness so the tooling will stay consistent. http://youtu.be/cs1GjFWCTBI The leather maul I am using is made by Maul Master II and I purchased this one and the heavier one from the Weaver Leather Company.

Leathercraft tutorials http://www.LeathercraftSite.com

The leather that I am using for this custom made saddle and this leather tooling tutorial is tanned by the Hermann Oak Leather Company. With just a few hand selected Craftools and both sizes of the Maul Master II leather mauls the 22 oz. and the 2 lb. you should be able to tool and carve just about anything you want to.

The swivel knife I have been using for the last several years is made by Barry King Tools and is made from solid brass and the blade I use is 1/4″ hollow ground this tool really suits my needs. http://barrykingtools.com/

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Thanks for taking your time to watch this leather tooling tutorial.

Bruce Cheaney
Gainesville, Texas.


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This video has Closed Captioning to help you better understand this leathercraft tutorial.

The Harmonica background music by Bruce Cheaney

Post time: 11-26-2016