Leaflet Holders Offering Clear Benefits

Leaflet holders are widely used in many types of marketing campaign but some care is needed in selecting the best brochure holder or leaflet dispenser for your particular purpose. Leaflet holders come in a range of styles and the many are extremely good value making them highly cost effective. Yet some basic considerations will influence your choice.

Brochure holders for tables, wall mounted or floor standing

Leaflet holders are used on reception desks, on exhibition stands, in retail stores and in countless other locations. The scale will vary from a single brochure holder on a desk or counter to a freestanding floor stand to accommodate multiple catalogues. Wall mounted leaflet holders can also be used singly, in small tiered wall displays, or right through to a complete array of literature racks taking up a whole wall. Some models of leaflet dispenser are dual use because they can be placed on a counter-top or fixed to a wall. However generally it is cheaper to buy either a table-top model or a wall-mount brochure holder depending on your needs.

Clear advantage

Usually the term ‘leaflet holders’ implies a leaflet dispenser, rather than something intended simply to display a printed page. A brochure holder is likewise intended to store and display literature in a way that interested parties can easily serve themselves with a brochure, catalogue or flyer. Visibility and ease of use are paramount, which is why many brochure holders are made of clear plastic. The content is clearly on view and the dispensers are durable and normally robust. Acrylic or crystal-clear styrene are popular materials for manufacturing injection moulded plastic leaflet holders. The quality is high and the clarity outstanding while the price of these brochure holders is low – especially if you are buying in quantity.

Display is enhanced if the full face of the leaflet or brochure can be seen. For this reason tiered or stacked models may prevent people seeing the full frontal view of the brochure – which may not be a problem if the brochure title or content has been planned to appear at the top of the page. This is a consideration for tourist brochures and flyers advertising local attractions as these are often displayed in tiered brochure racks because they are space saving.

Sizing up the situation

The actual size of your brochures is a controlling factor in your choice of leaflet holder. The depth may be an issue if you need to display fat catalogues or expect to get through a lot of single page flyers. Sometimes multiple or stacked brochure holders are used to display extra copies of the same catalogue, either for extra visual impact or to save the need to top up so often. This is a good strategy on busy exhibition stands or in other high footfall locations such as railway stations or airports.

Brand and image

For brands or manufacturers who wish to supply brochures to their dealers or outlets it is essential to supply the leaflet holder with the sales literature otherwise your brochures may never get displayed at all. In some cases branding of the leaflet dispenser will be advantageous – partly to reinforce the brand image and also to discourage the outlet from high jacking your leaflet holder for someone else’s literature! Cardboard leaflet holders can be printed all over in full colour if the volumes are sufficient. Acrylic brochure holders can also be branded with the addition of a logo or similar. For lower volume situations this can be achieved using a suitable clear-back sticker. When a few hundred brochure holders are required rigid plastic leaflet dispensers can be screen printed.

Image will be a consideration in some situations. Generally the clear plastic type of leaflet holder will look smart and professional without detracting from the all important contents. However in some special situations a brochure holder made of wood or metal may be required to complement the store decor or brand image of the brochure publisher. Especially when floor stands are involved materials such as aluminium or other metals may be involved in the construction of the literature display unit to ensure adequate strength and stability. When brochure holders are to be attached to a wall, the fixing points on the backs of the wall mounted leaflet holders must also be manufactured with adequate strength to support the not inconsiderable load. Quality leaflet dispensers are designed to be durable and adequately load-bearing in order to perform their job correctly.

Post time: 05-25-2017