Le Creuset Kone Kettles

Le Creuset are a cookware brand that have been going since 1925. Each piece is made from a unique mould into which molten item is poured from a large cauldron. The large cauldron is called a creuset and this is where the brand name comes from. The piece would then be hand finished and gone through a series of strict quality control checks. The item will then be enameled at high temperatures to create the finished vibrant and glazed effect you see on the cookware.

As well as saucepans you can also find whistling kettles in the range. In the old days before the electric kettles were used a heavy metal kettle was used. A whistling noise was created from the pressure that was let out of the funnel. These whistling kettles are still quite popular today. These kettles have a traditional look although they are enameled. The kettles can be placed on top of all different types of stovetops and hobs. They can even be plugged in a plug point.

One of the most popular kettles in the range is the Le Creuset Kone Kettle. This is a very stylish enamelled steel stove top kettle which is suitable for use on all heat sources. This includes ceramic and induction. The heavyweight metal conducts heat evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the kettle, quickly heating the water for your cup of tea or coffee. The tight-fitting lid and locking handle lets you pour without risk of scalding your knuckles with hot steam; and the whistle ensures you know when the water is ready for you to pour. What’s good is that the heavyweight metal conducts heat evenly across the bottom and up the sides of the kettle, quickly heating the water.

These kettles are available in two innovative designs and a range of colours offering a charming touch to any stove top. Different colours available are blue, volcanic organge, black, cream, white, classic blue, granite and so much more. They have unique locking handles and phenolic knobs make lifting, pouring and cleaning easy.

The kone kettles from le Creuset are strong and durable and this is what you would expect from a company traditionally known for cast iron. They have taken their knowledge and expertise to develop a range of kettles with the same quality in mind.

The Le Creuset kettles are very adaptable. They will work on ceramic, halogen or induction hobs, gas, electric, solid fuel or Aga/Rayburn. Le Creuset cookware is available in a wide range of styles and colours that will suit both your kitchen and dining table. You can get colours to match in a wide range of cookware to go with your kettle. If your favourite colour is volcanic ornage you will be sure to find this Le Creuset kettle as well as saucepans, utensil jars and much more.

I would advise to take caution when handling Le Creuset kettles when heated on stove as with all metal surfaces coming into contact with high temperatures. The kettles use high resistant plastic on the handles but it is still advisable to use mits.

Post time: 04-13-2017