Know More About Blow Molding Technology Applied in PET Bottle

In general, there are two blow molding techniques applicable in (Polyethylene terephthalate) PET bottles design and its blow molding comparison of pre-manufacturing press formation. Highly known as the injection stretch blow molding and extrusion stretch blow molding processes, in both the PET preform bottle industries molding methods, injection blow molding technique is quite easy to control, equipped with better efficiency, lesser defects and waste, as compared to extrusion molding method.

Segmented into two categories, varied PET bottle designs are found to be extremely reckoned, qualitative and cost effective, demanded all over the world. One of them is a pressure bottle, like filling carbonated beverage bottles and the other one is a non-pressure bottle, like tea, oil and filling water bottles. It has been noticed that with the advancement in technology and production scale in moulding industries India, the blowing machine has also been automated. In fact, the equipment production capacity has also been raised from the prior record of manufacturing of approx. thousands of bottles per hour to ten thousands of bottles per hour. In addition, the former manual work processed in button style development has been overhauled by computer systems, highly lowering down the difficulties arising in the process operation as well as increasing the procedure stableness and constancy.

The PET bottles molding procedure affects the several essential factors like the surroundings and environment through its blowing system. Depending highly on the merits of positives and negatives, PET preform material and the molding process should be selected with uttermost care and attention. As per the experimental outcomes, the similar viscosity of PET preforms molding material, imported material rather than domestic trade molding, may require the distinctive blow molding technology. The main need of the preform materials is to be transparent, pure, comprised with no impurities and no different color nimbus around the injection point and length of the relevant spot.

At present, the first injection stretch blow equipment manufacturers were in France SIDEL Company and Germany’s KRONES Company. These days, there are many other manufactures of PET bottles, variegated all over the world. You can search for moulding industries India as well as bottles manufacturers online and avail their services.

Post time: 04-21-2017