Kitchen Table Factory : Video #3: Making a Two Part Mould From Plaster of Paris

Kitchen Table Factory: Video #3 : Making a Two Part Mould From Plaster of Paris.

Mould making is a pretty useful skill to have, you can use it for guerrilla manufacturing ie when you spot a product that people need but can’t get because they don’t make them any more, or you’ve got an idea for a new product that could make you some extra cash, a mould can be made quickly and help you churn them out. In this video I make a two part plaster of Paris mould for a shado interceptor missile. They stopped making these back in the seventies so if you want a new one, you either have to pay someone else for it or make it yourself. I tried making one of these missiles with resin cast plastic but it did’nt work so well. I plan to use this mould to compression cast some thermal plastic into shape.

Post time: 01-02-2017