Jewelry Tools Casting Machine vacuum injector molding equipment Vakuum Injektionsgerte Schmuck

This device is the first of its kind wax injector that has a digital and proportional pressure controller which is built-in.
The parameters can all be set, checked and programmed easily using the wide LCD screen that has been designed for convenience.
Bulky pieces can be produced without any shrinkage and fine filigree pieces without flashes by the proportional wax injection inside the mould.
The device is concisely designed to be operated on top of a table. Intricate moulds can be done with fine filigree, posts and claws.
Complete filling is made possible by the evacuation of air. This aids in production of waxes that are consistent – fine or massive.
Hence products with even the most complex patterns are rejected less. faster and simpler cleaning is made possible with the advent of the new design of wax and vacuum chambers.
The machine also operates silently and with accurate control of wax chamber and nozzle.
Features of Digital Vacuum Wax Injector YX-WI01
►Good filling. Vacuuming of the mold before injection ensures good filling for fine filigree and difficult designs. (do not use molds with air-releases, the vacuum will in air from outside).
►Accurate temperature control. Wax tank temperature and nozzle temperature are individually controlled so that accurate injection temperature is obtained.
►This model has a 99-hour “Heater-ON timer” so you can start injection work at a specific time. It will improve electricity cost and will increase efficiency.
Basic parameter of model YX-WI01Jewelry Casting Machine vacuum injector molding equipment Vakuum Injektionsgerte Schmuck:
Model YX-WI01
Power supply : AC 220v 50HZ/60Hz Single phase
Power consumption: 400W
Wax capacity : about 3kg
Temperature Precision: ±0.2
Air pressure supply: 4-7kg/cm
Pressure range: 0-2kg/cm
Temperature display range: 40-90C
Temperature adjusting ranges: 40-90C
Setting time range for vacuum: 0-24.9seconds
Timer ranges: 0-99.9hours
Mould sizes: 10CM*9CM*4.5CM
N.W 150kg,G.W 200kg
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Post time: 12-27-2016