Jade Injection Molds


Injection molding is a producing course of action for manufacturing sections by injecting product into a mildew. Injection molding can be executed with a host of resources, such as metals, glasses, elastomers, and most normally thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers. Jade Molds gives quick-switch thermoplastic injection molds utilized for prototyping to very long-cycle Class one zero one injection molds. We establish prototypes, typical injection molds, and substantial-cavitation complicated molds.

Jade Molds generates molds for a large range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, industrial, closures and caps, electrical connectors, PEEK, liquid silicone rubber (LSR), medical, POP shows, and thermoset.

Jade Team International’s mission is to assist North American injection molders contend globally and to reshore injection molding.

Post time: 10-21-2016