Installing Chair Rail and Frieze Molding

Chair rail and frieze molding are two methods to boost the style and magnificence of any place. Visually, these ornamental factors insert harmony to your room’s décor. Implementing chair rail molding eases the vast scale and vacant feeling of big rooms or significant ceilings. Mix and match window surrounds, chair rails and friezes. The big wide variety of sizes and variations available makes it possible for you to build a entire new seem. Installing these ornamental accents can be accomplished by any do-it-yourselfer with a minimal scheduling and planning.

Tools and Materials

Some of the instruments you will need incorporate:

Sponge or a thoroughly clean fabric
Caulking gun
Miter box and observed or power miter observed
Chalk line box and pencil
Polyurethane construction adhesive
Mineral spirits

Some optional instruments and resources you might look at handy: a putty knife, hammer, Elastomeric adhesive caulk, 6d or 8d finishing nails (to penetrate a substrate a bare minimum of ½” to ¾”, and more great sandpaper.

Arranging Your Area

The most vital action of introducing chair rail or friezes to any place is to system the format. Chair rails are ordinarily put in a 3rd of the way up the wall from the ground, about 32″-36″. Frieze moldings are ordinarily put in below your crown molding or a number of inches lessen to sort a border.

1st, evaluate your place to establish how lots of ft of molding you will need for your job. Then insert 10% to that for miter waste. Divide the total ft by the molding duration. For instance, if the molding arrives in eight foot lengths, then divide your total by eight. If you want the pattern repeats, you may possibly look at introducing further duration to your order. For moldings with repeats that are bigger than 6″, insert a different 15% to your total duration.

Make sure to retailer the molding in a dry, very well-ventilated place and In no way retailer it outside.

Right before Set up

You can paint or faux finish the molding both just before you set up it or just after. If you decide on to finish it just before you set up it, you can often touch it up afterwards as desired. Leave the molding in the place exactly where it will be put in for 48-72 hrs to permit it to modify to the temperature and humidity of the place. Clean up all of the surfaces free of grime and free particles with a sponge or thoroughly clean fabric. Make sure that all the surfaces are totally dry just before you set up your molding.

Mitering Corners

Positioning the molding in the miter box the right way is the important to productive mitered corners. Since chair rail and frieze moldings are flat, they must be put in the miter box so that the bedding edge of the molding lies in opposition to the facet of the miter box opposite your self. Slice all miters and butt joints just before you set up the molding. Then lay the molding in location close to the place to make sure that all the cuts and joints have been calculated the right way.

To miter the within corners, start off by using two items of the molding that you will use for your first corner. Get the “remaining” duration and location it in the miter box as described previously mentioned. Slice a 45 diploma mitered corner. Your observed must be pointed Left. Following, do the identical detail with the “ideal” duration, altering your slash to permit for the continuity of the pattern. Of training course, in this case, your observed must be pointed Proper. Position the two finishes jointly to examine your cuts. Are they a fantastic fit? Great. Following we are going to speak about mitering the outside corners.

Now, get two items of molding that you will use for your first outside corner. Position the “remaining” duration in the miter box and slash a 45 diploma corner. This time your observed must stage Proper. Following, you’ll location the “ideal” duration into the box to make your slash, once again permitting for the continuity of the pattern. You will slash the ideal miter with your observed pointing Left. Test your cuts once again for a fantastic fit.

If the molding lengths do not span the entire duration of the place, then you will need to “butt joint” two lengths jointly. The repeat pattern on each duration of molding will match precisely except when you slash the molding so match the repeat pattern to the slash items of molding. Lay the duration of molding in the miter box as described previously mentioned and slash a straight edge.

Normal Set up Factors

Now it is really time to set up your chair rail or frieze molding. 1st, mark the wall with a chalk line. Mark the top rated edge of your chair rail or the base edge of the frieze. Start the set up guiding a door or some other inconspicuous place given that the repeat pattern will most possible not match at your previous joint.

Implement a ¼” bead of adhesive together the top rated and base of the again of your molding and at the butt joint finishes. Use the adhesive to fill in any gaps as very well. Press the molding into location and implement caulking to the edges. Smooth the caulk with a putty knife. Wipe the excessive adhesive from the edges and thoroughly clean them with mineral spirits. 1 selection that you have is to secure the molding with finishing nails. You can get rid of them just after the adhesive dries if you go away about ½” of the nail exposed. Use elastomeric adhesive to fill in the nail holes, smoothing the area with a putty knife. Once the adhesive dries, you can evenly sand the tough edges and touch up the molding as desired.

Normally Be Protected

Stick to fantastic practices when working with instruments. Stick to manufacturer’s instructions with the use of adhesives, paint, stain or power instruments. Dress in protection goggles when applying power instruments or hammers. Normally use the ideal instrument for the occupation.

Now take pleasure in the new seem of your place realizing that you established this magnificence and attractiveness your self.

Post time: 09-13-2016