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Intertech Equipment Incorporation (Taiwan)
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Our Gurus:
one. Generating interchangeable cores mildew : a most effective and expense-conserving producing system. Appropriate for prospects wanting for “extra range but a lot less amount” answer. With only one particular mildew, it can efficiently generate distinct varieties of solutions,

2. Generating substantial clear Personal computer, Acrylic, PMMA, PET.. sections mildew with substantial gloss sharpening and Mildew-Tech texture on sections surface area, used generally in lighting sections, outdoor LED sections assignments.

three. Generating gas assisted injection molds and solutions assignments …generally used in assignments like the thick handles, displays, the frame of Television set cupboard and many others, which stops the shrinkage mark, enhances the power of the sections and saves materials fees.

4 Medical silicone and rubber molds/solutions earning : We regulate both equally “strong” and “liquid” silicone rubber materials conference the common of RoHS, Fda and Access, and can be used like skincare sections, health-related earplugs, nipple pacifier, check out valve, diving mask.



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