Injection Plastic Caps & Closures, Chicago Injection Molded … , found close to Chicago and regarded as the plastic caps and closures specialists, HQC Inc. is a Chicago current market Plastic Injection Molding organization. Our Chicago current market – Midwest based mostly plastic caps and closures, plastic caps, plastic bottle caps and plastic closures facility is tops in the current market. The Chicago current market engineering staff at HQC has been the precision plastic injection molding group the Food, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical, Health care, Electronics, Banking and Security sector calls on. For Plastic Growth, Plastic Modeling, Plastic Prototyping, Plastic Automated Assembly and Plastic Lining and Ending – HQC has been the leader in the Plastic Rigid Packaging, Plastic Caps, Plastic Closures and Plastic Fitments. We assistance clients with Plastic caps and Closures in the Chicago, Indiana, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Iowa, Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan marketplace and across the US.
We have been recognized as the Chicago Food Caps & Closures Co., Pharmaceutical Caps & Closures Chicago staff to contact on, Chicago’s Nutraceutical Caps and Closures specialists and Chicago’s Health care Caps and Closures – first contact!

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Post time: 03-18-2016