Injection Molding Problems – Splay and How to Deal with It

This is an excerpt from Lesson #six in Paulson’s Injection Molded Portion Problems and Alternatives education progam – Splay (or Silver Streaks) and how to deal with them. Info on the entire injection molding problems and alternatives education software can be found at:

Splay in injection molded plastic areas is often brought about by dampness in the plastic raw product. Nevertheless, there can be other causes as effectively. This lesson teaches the complete array of induce and alternatives to Splay problems. The worker is taught to glimpse at the challenge “from the plastic’s stage of look at”. By making use of this strategy, injection molding troubleshooters can fix molded element defects like splay irrespective of the plastic element design and style or the product currently being molded.

In this article is a listing of all of the 11 defects lined in the entire molding problems and alternatives study course: Voids, Sink Marks, Brief Photographs, Flash, Weld (Knit) Lines, Splay (Silver Streaks), Jetting, Burn Marks, Warp, Cracks and Portion Breakage, and Managing Molded Portion Dimensions.

Post time: 04-16-2016