Injection Molding – Plastic Behavior During Injection Molding

This is an excerpt from Lesson #3 of Paulson Training’s Practical Injection Molding Basic module. More information on this course is available at:

This lesson is titled “The Nature of Plastics”. The lesson focuses on how plastic materials behave during the injection molding process. Plastics have a unique flow behavior when they are heated and forced into an injection mold. This behavior is typically referred to as non-Newtonian flow behavior. Watch the video for details on this.

The complete Practical Injection Molding – Basic module consists of 5 interactive lessons (delivered either online or on CD/DVD). The 5 lessons in the course are:

Lesson 1: Inside the Molding Machine
Lesson 2: Inside the Mold
Lesson 3: The Nature of Plastics
Lesson 4: Machine Operating Controls — Part 1
Lesson 5: Machine Operating Controls — Part 2

In addition, this course also features 15 lab lessons which use our unique SkillBuilder injection molding machine simulator. With SkillBuilder, students can immediately apply concepts they have learned in the 5 interactive lessons by solving real-world problems on the injection molding machine simulator. This reinforces the training and helps them retain what they have learned and then more easily apply what they have learned on the production floor.

Post time: 06-05-2017