Injection Molding Expert Training – Temperature, Pressure and Flow

Injection Molding Expert Training Series from Paulson Training Programs, Inc.

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This is an excerpt from Lesson 3 of the expert injection molder training series. This lesson is titled “The Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Cooling on the Molded Part”. The lesson focuses on how the plastic’s temperature, pressure and flow behavior effect the finished plastic part properties.

The Expert Molder series of lessons build on the knowledge taught in the Practical Injection Molding — Basic and Optimizing modules. The major emphasis of this course is on teaching an in-depth understanding of the molding process for injection molding professionals who want to bring their molding knowledge up to the expert level.

The 5 lessons in this interactive training programs are:

Lesson 1: Inside the Injection Molded Part
Lesson 2: Plastic Flow: Understanding How Flow Affects the Molding Process
Lesson 3: The Effects of Temperature, Pressure, Flow & Cooling on the Molded Part
Lesson 4: The Requirements to Control Molded Part Quality
Lesson 5: The Expert Use of Molding Machine Controls

This training program is also available in the Spanish language

Post time: 01-08-2017