injection molding device brands

Main Aspect:
1. Siemens PLC handle program makes certain the stable perform of the device.
two. Schneider Electrical parts ensure the electric powered handle program of the device stable and reputable.
3. Mitsubishi fluency converter will make the cell material shoot gun a lot quicker, much more stable and accurate.
four. Total set of Dofluid hydraulic valve ensure the oil circuit clean and stable.
5. Crane connecting bar die molding allows stable mould clamping power.
6. Rapping bar flip around quickly, counterdie shifts out to ensure easiness, convenience, and quickness of getting out the items, and easiness for mould inserting.
seven. Press-out quickly and no product detormation is ensured, entirely lowering the perform intensity of the operator.
eight. Open touch panel allows at any time to handle running issue and diagnosis of abnormal issue.
9. Template and mould are cooled by drinking water, which boost the output.
10. Lubricate quickly to make up the shortage of manual routine maintenance and to lengthen the existence time of the device.
11. The device has 4 protection gadgets, operated by device, electrical power, drinking water and air, which ensure the procedure protected.
twelve. Servo motor sharply will save power energy usage.

Post time: 09-17-2016