Information About Plastic Injection Molding

Plastic is the most versatile material that is used in most applications today. The wide range used of this material has made a great impact in most industrial world. One of the processes in creating plastic product today is called plastic injection molding. This is a process of manufacturing plastic by using thermosetting plastic and thermoplastic substance.

The first plastic product called Parkensine was created by Alexander Parkes in 1851. This product is can be molded, heated and usually retains it shape when it is cooled, thus the downside of this is, it is extremely flammable, expensive and easy to crack. Another invention of plastic called celluloid was developed by john Wesley Hyatt. This product was an improved version of Parkes’s invention. It is through John Wesley Hyatt and his brother wherein the first molding injection machine was developed. This machine is a simpler version of today’s injection molding machine.

Plastic injection molding is commonly used for creating various parts of cars, from tiniest elements to the whole body components. This process involves feeding of material into barrel that is heated, afterwards, the material was mixed then placed into a cavity where it is allowed to harden and cooled. The product was design mostly by an engineer or an industrial engineer. After the molded product was harden and cooled, a machine called precision-machined, with the supervision of a mold-maker, is used to form the specific feature of a part of a specified product.

Aside from creating various components of a car, injection molding is also used for almost plastic goods such as bottle caps, wire pools, packaging, pocket combs and some gadget components. This process is widely used way in developing parts. It is used to produce vast amount of parts.

The common advantages of this process are low labor cost, scrap losses are minimized, vast rate of production, finishing of parts is minimized and wide range of materials are can be utilized.

Post time: 02-19-2017