In Need Of Chocolate Moulds Perfect For All Occasions? A Polycarbonate Mould Alternative

Do you or your business currently utilise polycarbonate moulds for all types of liquid food creation? With the very latest in CAD-CAM technology, money can be saved and valuable process time shortened with vacuum formed moulds. For Chocolate casts in the UK, look to your chocolate mould specialist based in Halifax. With this exciting new technology available to the chocolate mould market, creation of chocolate moulds can be attained in virtually no time at all. For the ideal injection casting service, look no further than services coming at you from the heart of England.

Traditional plastic injection moulds are cumbersome, costly and can take a long time to produce. The cutting edge technology used in every stage of the production process for the vacuum formation of casts see that designs are only truly limited by your imagination. From Father Christmas designs, teddy bears and all forms of 3D chocolate animals, your chocolate moulds can be sculptured in less than 10 days.

Unique chocolate moulds in the UK can be created by the mould connoisseurs based in Halifax and are available today. Designing, creating and manufacturing great quality flexible design casts couldn’t be simpler or cheaper. Injection moulding is the perfect way to generate a unique chocolate gift – a process enhanced with the technology available from any chocolate enthusiasts with the skills to provide you with perfect chocolate goodness.

With moulds delivered to you within 10 days of your initial order, chocolate moulds in the UK couldn’t be more accessible. What other reasons have you got to utilise this pioneering technology available from the heart of England?

• Mould creation capacity of up to 500mm²

• Suitable for cast creation of any liquid.

• Based in Halifax, services are available globally

• Experienced team, dedicated to your every need

• Chocolate thickness of between 0.5mm to 3.0mm

• Design-only service also available using CAD-CAM software

From independent chocolatiers to mass produced demands of major chocolate producers, all needs are catered for with the injection mould specialists in the UK. Seasonal chocolate casts through to one-off moulds and mould replacements are all available. Alternatively, for a hygienic upgrade from polycarbonate moulds, your current design can easily be replicated or updated to meet any need.

Discover the benefits of vacuum chocolate forming moulds today. Wholesome Chocolate to make you think in the UK – a true alternative to polycarbonates.

Post time: 06-04-2017