How To Switch Styrofoam, Into Stable Aluminum

This is how to flip almost any styrofoam creation you can imagine up, into good aluminum. It really is almost like magic! :)

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Undertaking Influenced By:

This project was inspired by 2 videos. If you look at them out, please let them know that Grant Thompson despatched you. Thanks! :) To start with was a “lost foam casting” tutorial by “The Artwork of Weapons” ( and a Rubber Band gun intended by “RBGuns” ( I modified the template from RBGuns to make the styrofoam mold.


Charcoal foundries can achieve temperatures in excessive of 1,000ºC, which is effectively above the melting point of hobbyists. This project need to only be attempted with sufficient understanding and education, right protective safety gear, and in a fire resistant area with sufficient ventilation. The sparks traveling from the foundry can ignite fires, and the fumes from burning dross can be poisonous. Use warning and typical perception. Be protected and have enjoyment, but normally keep in mind that any project or experiment is at your have possibility.

Undertaking Background & More Details:

The gun is good aluminum, created from melted down soda cans.

I invested above a hundred hrs of time, and seven styrofoam prototypes to make this movie. About a 3rd of the time was invested submitting and sanding the gun. Each time I poured a casting for the gun, the trigger guard wouldn’t full all the way by way of, so I kept making new styrofoam guns, modifying the layouts a little right up until it labored.

The moment I bought a reasonably cleanse casting, I place 2 days into submitting down tough points, and sanding them sleek.

The gun could use a minimal a lot more get the job done, and it is not best, but this experiment was primarily a proof of principle that almost something you can think about can be created reasonably effortlessly with the “lost foam casting” procedure. Over-all, I really am content with the gun even though! It weighs 556 grams, and is really fairly sleek to truly feel.

For upcoming initiatives, I program to get the job done a lot more with green sand casting. I consider it will leave a nicer finish total and will not call for as many prototypes to get it correct :) As a substitute of foam, wooden plugs can be employed to make the molds, or even serious weapons for that make a difference.

Post time: 02-11-2016