How to Plastic Repair a Mower Hood

Item being welded is a John Deere 445 mower hood

o Cost of new hood $405 with out tax.

o Cost of material to fix hood less than $15 with tax.

o I saved $390 using the plastic welder

o I used the mini-weld model 6 plastic welder

1. Set up work area. No combustibles near plastic welder. Well ventilated area. Use caution when using the welder it is hot and can burn you. Plug in the welder and set the heat level to preheat. Put the welder in the stand that comes with kit.

2. Take hood off mower.

3. Clean plastic parts with soap and water.

4. Put the plastic parts together using tape to hold in place until welded.

5. Check the part for a symbol (to find out what kind of plastic I was working with). Set the heat level on welder matching the plastic I was welding.

6. Working on the back side first. I started out making a v-groove where the break was. Tip: I used the side of the flat welding tip.

7. Now I put the welding rod in the v-groove and apply the welder (heat) to the area. Melt the base material and the rod together. Don’t work on any more than 2 inches at a time. TIP: Let your heat do the work for you.

8. When you’re done with the back side. Now start on the front side doing the same steps as above.

9. When finished welding. On the front you should have a slight mound where the break was at.

10. Now sand the weld down using rough sand paper. Then when almost flat go to a fine sand paper and smooth it out. Clean the hood.

11. Paint the hood. It may take more than 1 coat. Check paint for details on drying times.

Sorry I forgot to grab my camera and take pictures for you.


Post time: 05-01-2017