How to Make Threaded Plastic Mouldings – Automated Process

Welcome to this video by Toolcraft Plastics which shows how threaded plastic mouldings are created in a fully automated process.

To create a plastic moulding with internal thread, it’s necessary to create a mould tool with a removable threaded core.

This is such a threaded mould tool mounted in a moulding machine. The mould tool is currently closed and the machine injects molten plastic into the mould tool. The plastic sets inside the mould and around the threaded core to create the thread. The plastic then needs to cool and set, so we’ve cut a bit of waiting time here!

The tool partly opens and the threaded core starts to unscrew from the moulding. Here you can see this in close-up.

When it is completely unscrewed, the tool opens further and ejects the moulding. The tool now partly closes again, allowing for the screwthread core to be screwed back into position. Here you can see that again in close-up. The tool now closes fully, ready for the next shot.

Here’s the finished moulding, with the internal thread visible at the far end and external thread at the front.

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Post time: 12-11-2016