How to make shoe mould by silicone rubber

silicone rubber software:

silicone rubber is largely utilized for shoe molds, sand casting, Shoe soles mould, sand casting,brushing mould,plaster products, uncomplicated goods, goods with non-sophisticated styles, as very well as merchandise products with steady dimensions and non-deformation.

silicone rubber molds for shoe sole molds producing function:

one. Goodcharacteristics of uncomplicated-operation

2. Light viscosityand great fluidity

3. Low shrinkage

four. Favorable tension

five. No deformation

six. Favorable hardness

seven. Significant temperatureresistance, acid and alkali-resistance and ageing resistanc

Making use of Instruction of silicone rubber molds for shoe sole molds producing:

Part A is white flowing liquid and element B is the curing agent. For case in point, just take liquid silicone rubber of 100g and insert 2% curing agent for mixing evenly. Just after the liquid silicone rubber and the curing agent are entirely mixed, place the liquid silicone rubber into a vacuum machine for deairing to clear away the bubbles. Just after deaired, pouring the liquid silicone rubber into the merchandise to be duplicated or into the mould body.

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