How to make distinct textured sheets employing Mould Makers Sculpey and purely natural items.

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In this online video you can come across out what texture you can make your individual hands and from which components they can be created. Also, I’ll give you a trace how to do so that textural impact is not stick to clay.

To make these types of texture prints I utilized Mould Makers Sculpey and “Armor All” – Spray for Texture Sheets and Moulds.

This is not tutorial, I just want to show you how I did that interesting textured sheets and which interesting impressions received from them!

I hope this online video will give you inspiration to develop your individual remarkable textures by individual hands!

So, If you have any issues just talk to me! :)

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I wish you inspiration and inventive results!

Ludmila Bakulina

Post time: 10-21-2016