How to make a two-portion mold

This video section will exhibit you how to make a easy two-portion mold utilizing Urethane RTV molding rubber. This and lots of other molding and casting products are accessible at or service/mold_building_materials/mold_building_provides
To buy Tap Urethane RTV, go to: or service/mold_building_materials/mold_building_provides/tap_urethane_rtv_mold_building_system/sixty three
To buy Jolly King Modeling Clay, go to: or service/mold_building_materials/sculpting_materials/jolly_king_modeling_clay/111
To buy Pol-Simplicity Mould Release, go to: or service/mold_building_materials/mold_building_provides/pol_ease_2300_mold_release/sixty six

Post time: 02-01-2016