How To Make a Silicone Mildew of a Hand – Ecoflex® 00-35

This lifecasting video tutorial displays how Ecoflex® 00-35 silicone can be used to lifecast a hand. Ecoflex® 00-35 is a skin protected rapidly environment platinum silicone.

Ecoflex® 00-35 is a soft, rapidly heal platinum-catalyzed silicone that is flexible and simple to use. Areas A and B are combined one:one by weight or volume, pot lifetime is about 2.5 minutes and rubber cures in about 5 minutes at place temperature with negligible shrinkage. Lower viscosity ensures simple mixing and pouring. Rubber cures without having a “tacky” surface, is incredibly soft, incredibly potent and incredibly “stretchy”,
stretching quite a few times its original dimension. Ecoflex® 00-35 is off-white translucent and can be colour pigmented utilizing Silc Pig® silicone colour pigments.

Certified Skin Protected – Ecoflex® 00-35 can be used for a wide range of skin protected purposes such as earning rapidly skin protected appliances for distinctive consequences and cosplay, cushioning for orthopedic and orthotic gadgets worn on the entire body and a lot a lot more. Ecoflex® 00-35 can also be used to make rapidly heal rubber molds with high elongation for casting a wide range of products.

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Post time: 07-12-2016