How to Make a Rubber Mold of a Barn Wood Panel [Part 1 of 3]

In Part One of this three-part series, we create a rubber mold of a wood panel. We used old barn wood (from the local area) as our model and Poly 74-45 liquid rubber for the mold. What we cover in this video:

• Suggested supplies and tools
• Selecting the Model
• Establishing Workspace
• Preparing the Model
• Building the Mold Box
• Calculations for Determining How Much Liquid Rubber is Needed
• Weighing & Mixing the Liquid Rubber
• Pouring the Liquid Rubber
• Demolding

Part Two of this series shows the process of casting plastic (using EasyFlo 60) in the rubber mold we created.

Part Three of this series shows how you can repurpose the plastic casting created in Part Two to create a new model and then a new rubber mold.

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Post time: 12-22-2016